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See the unique role that clinical documentation plays in health service strength and sustainability.

Patient Safety

Poor clinical documentation is a major patient safety concern and can contribute to communication breakdowns between clinicians, medication errors, and preventable patient harm.

Hospitals that aren't vigilant about patient safety are more vulnerable to catastrophic health events like pandemics and disasters.


CDI 2022 will bring together the pioneering Australian hospitals who are tackling this issue head on, embarking on their CDI journey towards sustained cultural change and improved patient safety.

Be inspired by their stories.

Hospital funding

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in even more strain on already stressed hospital finances across both the public and private sectors. 


As we've seen in other health systems across the globe, hospitals that don't have adequate resources are powerless in the face of a sudden marked increase in demand. 


Hospital finance leaders are looking to improve their funding to reflect their patient complexity, but often struggle to turn this into reality.

Hear from those who have bucked the trend and used CDI as a powerful tool to improve their hospital's funding. 

Data Integrity

Nothing has highlighted the need for data-driven decision making in healthcare quite like the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Much of the data that leaders and policy makers use to make key decisions about healthcare comes directly from hospitals' clinical documentation.

Without accurate data, essential decisions made in the middle of a crisis may not be based on reality.  The consequences of this can be disastrous. 


Meet and listen to hospital leaders who have improved the accuracy of their data through appropriate clinical documentation.  See how they've been empowered to make more informed decisions about their patient cohort.



Introducing our prestigious speakers who will inspire us and our thoughts around CDI and building resilience

Peta Sigley

Peta Sigley

Chief Knowledge Officer

Keynote: Thursday 8 September 2022


Peta Sigley is the Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) with Springfox. As CKO, Peta ensures Springfox Solutions deliver participants relevant, evidence-based information, facts and insights in a way that is practical, enjoyable and effective. Peta is passionate about incorporating the latest research into a continually renewed and refreshed blended learning offering.

Working in large corporations and philanthropic organisations from early in her career saw Peta develop an extensive grounding in business management with a focus on human resources. At Springfox, Peta draws on her first-hand experience and understanding of the pressures commonly faced by individuals, teams and organisations in the banking and finance, transport, education and not-for-profit sectors. Peta’s professional, educational and personal background enables her clients to feel fully engaged and supported.

Previously, Peta has put her own resilience to the test supporting her chronically ill partner whilst maintaining her career and family cohesion. Undoubtedly, Peta is a strong role model for her children and those who have witnessed this journey of positivity, courage and optimism.
Peta demonstrates her mastery of the topic of resilience as a speaker, facilitator and coach.

Peta’s academic credentials include Bachelor of Economics, Master of Economic Studies, Counsellor accreditation, Graduate Diploma in Psychology. Peta is currently completing her PhD on the topic of resilience.


Agility to Change and Challenge
The goal for the session is to provide an understanding of what resilience is, its importance, and for participants to come away highly motivated to apply some practical skills to recognise and promote personal resilience characteristics as a driver of positive work outcomes, and better manage stressful situations.

James Downie

James Downie

Chief Executive Officer
Independent Hospital Pricing Authority

Thursday 8 September 2022


James Downie is the Chief Executive Officer of the Independent Hospital Pricing Authority (IHPA).

Prior to this James was the Executive Director, Activity Based Funding, leading the teams responsible for delivering the classification, costing and pricing functions of IHPA as well as the data acquisition activities.

He previously held roles with the Victorian Department of Health, the Royal Children's Hospital Melbourne and various technical and operational roles in the resources industry.


Norman Swan

Dr Norman Swan

Health Journalist, Broadcaster and Commentator

Keynote: Friday 9 September 2022


Norman hosts RN’s Health Report and since the COVID-19 pandemic, co-hosted Coronacast, a daily podcast on the coronavirus.

Norman is also a reporter and commentator on the ABC’s 7.30, Midday, News Breakfast and Four Corners and a guest host on RN Breakfast. He is a past winner of the Gold Walkley and has won other Walkleys including one in 2020. He created Invisible Enemies, on pandemics and civilisation for Channel 4 UK and broadcast in 27 countries.

Norman was awarded the medal of the Australian Academy of Science and has an honorary MD from the University of Sydney.

Norman trained in medicine and paediatrics in Aberdeen, London and Sydney before joining the ABC


Omar Shaker

Dr Omar Shaker

Physician Burnout Warrior
California Center for Functional Medicine

Friday 9 September 2022


Dr. Omar Shaker has worked with medical centers and physicians to help bridge the gap between doctors and CDI programs. He was a Senior Consultant for BCBS, Kaiser and HAP, as well as the Analytics Director for the California Center for Functional Medicine, helping patients improve their health through personalized data insights. Dr. Shaker has been selected as one of HIMSS global Future 50 leaders in innovation, and is the founder of Health 2.0 Egypt.


Why Do Doctors Resist CDI?

Vince Russell

Dr Vince Russell

Director of Medical Services and
Senior Consultant in Emergency Medicine
St John of God Ballarat Hospital

Friday 9 September 2022


Dr Vince Russell is the Director of Medical Services and a Senior Consultant in Emergency Medicine at St John of God Ballarat Hospital. Graduating from Monash University in 1987 he still hasn't decided what to do when he grows up. He has subsequently passed the time working in rural and remote General Practice both in Australia and overseas, followed by a career in Emergency Medicine. Somehow he then landed an executive role in an acute medical and surgical hospital. He has a keen interest in making complex processes simpler, reduction in unwarranted variation in the delivery of clinical care, and good clinical governance. Probably as a result of his aging brain, he is interested in any process that will reduce cognitive load.


Why Improving Doctor Clinical Documentation is actually (slightly) easier than understanding Quantum Physics

One of the most common phrases I have encountered in my past 6 years as a private hospital chief medical officer is that it is “impossible to change a doctor’s behaviour when it comes to the quality of their clinical documentation”. Whilst it has not always been easy, I believe that we have shown that this in fact is not true. I will be discussing the experiences we have had in my own hospital, outlining our journey from documentation “darkness” to our current state of semi-enlightenment, as well as what I believe are the ingredients required to achieve doctor documentation Nirvana. A prior understanding of Quantum Physics is helpful but not required!


Join the large array and rapidly growing number of health professionals that are passionate about clinical documentation improvement and its integral place in healthcare.

Feedback from CDI 2021: Transforming Health Care


Pullman Melbourne on the Park

192 Wellington Parade, Melbourne VIC 3002


Melbourne Airport - 25km

Melbourne Cricket Ground – 0.4km


Jolimont Train Station – 0.2km

Tram routes 75, 48, 12, 109 all stop within walking distance

Valet parking is $49 per night and self-parking is available for $35 at the Pullman Melbourne on the Park.


Room rate: $250.00 including daily buffet breakfast

Superior Room - each stylishly appointed room features contemporary furnishings, a spacious bath, large windows with city views, and Wi-Fi. 


The conference provides invaluable networking opportunities with industry experts and like-minded individuals


Pullman Melbourne on the Park

Thursday 8 September 2022
6:30pm – 9:30pm
Two-course dinner and beverages


There are amazing people across the country doing groundbreaking work in the field and we can't wait to honour them in Australia's inaugural CDI awards!

Winners will be announced at the Networking Event.

Nominations open Feb 2022


For all event based enquiries please contact the
Conference Organiser, BCC Management.

10-20 Gwynne Street, Cremorne VIC 3121  

P: (03) 8679 5460 | E: info@bccm.com.au