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Poor clinical documentation is undermining patient care, hospital sustainability and healthcare data integrity


The care of all Australians is significantly impacted by poor clinical documentation.

Up to 70% of nurses surveyed stated they were unable to find an indication in the medical record for a treatment they were administering to the patient.

Hospitals are not being appropriately funded for the complexity of care they are providing.

Audits conducted by CDIA nationwide have recovered millions of dollars of missed revenue.

The quality of Australian health care data is only as good as the clinical documentation that forms its foundation.

CDIA partnered hospitals have shown up to a 10x increase in the frequency of documented common diseases.

The CDIA Pursuit Program is your solution to better clinical documentation

The CDIA Pursuit Program is a complete, sustainable solution to transform your clinical documentation processes so your clinicians can deliver safer patient care.

Discover how to create a documentation culture that reflects the clinical truth, ensures your hospital funding is accurate and enhances your healthcare data’s integrity.

You’re in good company. Trusted by Australia and New Zealand’s best.


Clinicians educated by CDIA


“CDIA worked with us to train our Clinical Documentation Specialists and launch our program with organisation wide education that reached over 500 staff. Without this assistance I don’t think our program would have kicked off as quickly and successfully as it has.”

Kylie Holcombe, Coding Auditor & CDI Program Lead Ballarat Health Services


“We introduced the CDIA program at the end of 2017 in response to diluted revenue returns from health funds and we have not looked back. Improved documentation isn’t just about revenue, it is about better outcomes for our patients.”

Brenda Petersen, Director of Clinical Services Calvary Riverina Hospital


“CDIA provided outstanding CDS education and long term personalised follow up. Thanks CDIA for my great introduction into the role of CDS!”

Sarah Taylor, Clinical Documentation Specialist John Fawkner Private Hospital


“Thank you so much CDIA. You delivered so much more than we anticipated in such a professional manner. There is such a positive vibe around our hospitals about CDI!”

Aileen Staunton, Former National HIM Healthscope

Let’s transform your clinical documentation culture together