Distinct from coding audits, our audits are conducted by doctors and senior nurses who review the medical record to identify clinically implied diagnoses that cannot be captured by coders due to the guidelines in the Australian Coding Standards.

If you are interested in partnering with CDIA to perform regular clinical documentation audits to both assess the quality of your clinical documentation, whilst optimising your revenue, please contact us today.



CDIA audits have found that documentation deficiencies can be present in up to 50% of records. Whilst not all of these deficiencies move the DRG alone, they all potentially impact the quality of care delivered to the patient. CDIA audits comprehensively analyse the quality of your documentation.


CDIA audit’s produce significant results, even for records that have already undergone a traditional coding audit. This is because CDIA auditors are clinical and approach the audit through an entirely different lens. Our team of clinicians generate ethical and comprehensive documentation queries that reduce the administrative burden associated with regular coding audits.

Return On

CDIA targets episodes via a systematic approach for episode selection. Our proven algorithm ensures that hospitals experience an immediate return on their investment.


CDIA can assist in determining the most appropriate size for your audit based on the size and casemix of your hospital. Audits can be conducted on written and electronic records, both on site and remotely.

CDIA Pursuit Program Integration

CDIA audits can be conducted independently, or integrated into the CDIA Pursuit Program. Our audits assess the quality of your clinical documentation, providing an in-depth analysis, feedback and recommendations that pave the way to a successful CDI program.


CDIA has performed clinical documentation audits for a large number of major public and private hospitals across Australia and New Zealand. Our guaranteed results and exceptional customer experience has resulted in enduring relationships with our partners.

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