Why become a Certified Clinical Documentation Specialist (CCDS)?

Three Levels of Clinical Documentation Specialist Certification for Saudi

Clinical documentation forms the foundation of patient safety, clinical coding, hospital funding, and data integrity. As the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia advances towards the Vision2030 goals, clinical documentation improvement could never be more important.

This course empowers you to transform your hospital's clinical documentation culture and prepares you to sit the exam to become an internationally recognised Level 1 Certified Clinical Documentation Specialist (CCDS).

CDI Patient Safety

Patient Safety

Poor clinical documentation culture remains a patient safety risk in many Saudi Arabian hospitals.

Despite hospital leaders' best efforts, this culture remains entrenched and consistently undermines patient safety.

This course will empower you to engage clinicians to create a sustained cultural change and achieve Vision2030's health transformation patient safety goals.

Financial Sustainability

Saudi Arabia is moving away from hospital block funding to Activity Based Management using the Australian ICD-10-AM and DRG model.

This means your hospital gets funded for the complexity of the patients it treats. It is essential that the clinical documentation reflects the complexity of your patients to avoid significant funding deficits.

This course will provide you with the knowledge and strategies to ensure your funding reflects the true patient complexity.

Data is the new oil in Saudi

Data Integrity

Saudi Arabia is telling us that, "data is the new oil". The vast majority of inpatient health care data comes from ICD-10-AM clinical coding.

Many hospitals are torn between their excitement about AI and the frustration of the quality of their clinical documentation.

This course will empower you to help your hospital's data reflect the clinical reality to get the most out of digital health technologies.
Saudi Clinical Documentation Specialist Training

"The content and how the presenters delivered was excellent."

Ahsanon-Nisha Haniya Daud, Nurse / Clinical Documentation Auditor Madina Cardiac Center

Saudi Clinical Documentation Specialist Training

"A comprehensive course, and presented in a professional way."

CDI and Health Informatics Director, KSA

Saudi Clinical Documentation Specialist Training

“I would like you to know how happy I am to learn new things to help us provide more safe and better quality healthcare services - thanks a million again. ”

Doctor, KSA

Saudi Clinical Documentation Specialist Training

"The instructors were active and the engagement was great."

Huda Aljohani, Medical Coder King Saud Medical City

Saudi Clinical Documentation Specialist Training

"Very positive & friendly presenters who truly were dedicated to engaging their audience."

Nurse, KSA

Saudi Clinical Documentation Specialist Training

"I have gained plenty of information supported by great examples. I am so eager to start our CDI team in our facility and be able to share and practice this wonderful experience that I have learned from this course."

Khatoon Albahrani, Clinical Coder Dammam Medical Complex

About the trainers

Nour Alatari CDI educator for Saudi

Nour Alatari

Clinical Documentation Nurse Consultant

Nour holds a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and a Master's Degree in Nursing Services Administration. Nour has experience in both adult and neonatal intensive care units, and has worked in a range of quality improvement roles, including as a Clinical Documentation Specialist at the largest hospital complex in the southern hemisphere. Nour is a skilful educator of clinicians and is dedicated to enhancing the quality and safety of healthcare through clinical documentation improvement.

Nicole Draper CDI educator for Saudi

Nicole Draper

CDS, CDIA Director & Co-Founder

Nicole’s passion is to partner with hospitals, improving clinical documentation and empowering clinicians to deliver safer patient care. Nicole is widely regarded as Australia’s foremost Clinical Documentation Specialist. Co-founder of CDIA (Clinical Documentation Improvement Australia), she shares her wealth of knowledge with the industry to support patient safety through clinical documentation improvement. An expansive education in healthcare led to Nicole achieving a Bachelor of Nursing, a Masters Degree in Health Administration and a Graduate Certificate in Research. She is responsible for the implementation of the first CDI program in the private hospital industry which has received significant acclaim and awards.

Samantha Ryan CDI educator for Saudi

Samantha Ryan

Clinical Documentation Nurse Consultant

With a diverse nursing background, Samantha has 20 years of experience working in Australian and UK hospitals. She holds a Master’s Degree in Nursing, specialising in teaching and learning. Recognised as one of the most experienced clinical documentation specialists in the country, Samantha has practiced in acute care, as a Clinical Nurse Specialist and as a Clinical Educator. Samantha holds the esteem of her peers for her involvement in the first formal, concurrent CDI program with specialised training in the private sector.

David Tralaggan CDI educator for Saudi

Dr David Tralaggan

CDIA Director & Founder

Passionate about progressing safe, effective patient care through CDI, Dr David Tralaggan is the pioneering medical doctor in the Australian CDI space. A dynamic and effective communicator, David deals skilfully with the myriad of questions from his medical peers regarding clinical documentation. David is an Associate Fellow of the Royal Australian College of Medical Administrators and continues to practice clinically in an Intensive Care Unit in NSW.

Dr Felicity Sinclair-Ford CDI educator for Saudi

Dr Felicity Sinclair-Ford

Medical Doctor

Felicity is a medical doctor and brings to the team a diverse range of educational experiences. As well as studying languages and the humanities at a tertiary level, Felicity has worked as a resident medical officer in hospitals in Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory. Her time in the clinical space prompted her interest in patient safety as it relates to clinical documentation, and working with CDIA has enabled her to pursue this passion. Felicity’s enthusiasm, creativity and communication skills are an asset to her team.

Jonathon Jan 2022 CLoser (1)

Dr Jonathon Wiggins

Medical Doctor

Jonathon is a medical doctor who has studied and trained all over Queensland as well as completing undergraduate studies in Melbourne. His clinical years have been spent predominantly in Critical Care Medicine where he developed a passion for patient safety through accurate and effective documentation and communication. Educating medical students and other junior doctors has always been an important aspect of his clinical responsibilities and he is excited to be able to combine his passions of patient safety and education as part of the CDIA team.


What is Clinical Documentation Improvement?