CDI & Documentation Query Response Policy

Nour Alatari September 15, 2023
Purpose of this document This document aims to provide guidance to healthcare services in establishing an internal policy to support their clinical..

Innovations in clinical documentation integrity practice

Kathleen Pine May 31, 2023
Kathleen H Pine, PhD1Lee Anne Landon, RN, CCMC, CCDS2Claus Bossen, PhD3ME VanGelder, RN, MEd, CCDS, RHIT2 Abstract Background: Numbers of clinical..

Handover to GPs with Dr Andrew Vanlint

Central Adelaide Local Health Network February 13, 2023
Hear how Dr Andrew Vanlint has tackled discharge summary education at Central Adelaide Local Health Network.

CDI Week Survey Report 2022

Dr Felicity Sinclair-Ford January 11, 2023
CDI Week 2022, the first ever awareness week dedicated to recognising CDI and CDSs in ICD-10-AM countries, was a huge success. CDI teams enjoyed..

CDI: Compliant Technology Adoption and the Role of the CDS

AHIMA April 22, 2022
From its onset, CDI has sought to ensure the accuracy and integrity of the documentation in the patient’s health record. AHIMA and Artifact, an..

CDI Steering Committee Terms of Reference

Dr Felicity Sinclair-Ford July 21, 2021
Developing a hospital-wide steering committee is a key ingredient of a successful CDI program. This example CDI Steering Committee - Terms of..

Establishing an effective CDI program: A journey, not a destination

Mike Kertes July 8, 2021
Establishing an effective clinical documentation improvement (CDI) program is challenging for many hospitals. At its core, CDI involves..

CDI Conference 2021: Transforming Health Care - Questions & Answers

Dr Felicity Sinclair-Ford June 2, 2021
CDI 2021: Transforming Health Care was the inaugural CDI conference held in Australia and took place at the Royal Randwick Racecourse Sydney in May..

CDIA CDS Certification

Kelsi Marris April 28, 2021
In response to industry demand, Clinical Documentation Improvement Australia has developed CDIA Clinical Documentation Specialist (CDS) certification..

CDS Job Description

Mike Kertes April 10, 2021
The Clinical Documentation Specialist role is a dynamic and challenging one. The selection of the right individual(s) is critical to the success of..