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I have a clinical background and want to become a CDS; do I need a coding qualification?

Nour Alatari May 20, 2024
In the intricate world of healthcare, Clinical Documentation Specialists (CDSs) play a vital role in ensuring patient records are accurate and..

CDI Strength: Beat Risks, Boost Sustainability

Mike Kertes March 27, 2024
In the ever-evolving landscape of healthcare, Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI) stands out as a critical pillar, ensuring the accuracy,..

CDI Queries Work Best if the Recipient is Kept in Mind

Dr Erica Remer March 13, 2024
I had an epiphany the other day while discussing compliant query composition with a very knowledgeable clinical documentation integrity specialist..

A CDI Year-In-Review

Mike Kertes December 7, 2023
Reflecting on the past year in the realm of Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI), particularly in countries using ICD-10-AM and AR-DRGs, it's..

Reflecting on CDI 2023 - Harnessing Momentum: A Turning Point for Clinical Documentation Improvement (CDI)

Mike Kertes September 19, 2023
As I sat on the plane on my return flight home from the Gold Coast, I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride and elation to be a part of something..