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Ignaz Semmelweis – An Unappreciated Visionary

Dr Felicity Sinclair-Ford September 29, 2021
To grow into the future, we can start by looking at the past. It’s an exciting time in medicine. Treatments and diagnostics that we could only dream..

CDI News USA: Texas hospital to pay $3 million in whistleblower case

ACDIS September 10, 2021
A case from America illustrates the serious consequences of upcoding.

CDI is a journey, not an event

Dr David Tralaggan May 3, 2021
If you think your hospital has “done” clinical documentation improvement (CDI), it may be time to think again. Improving your clinical documentation..

The science behind clinical documentation improvement (CDI)

Dr David Tralaggan February 23, 2021
Discover why clinical documentation improvement is a behavioural change process that requires a scientific approach. If you’re thinking about..