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A Week Back on the Wards

Dr Felicity Sinclair-Ford January 19, 2023
Dr Felicity Sinclair-Ford reflects on her recent time working clinically and how it illustrates potential challenges with clinician engagement.

A Tale as Old as Time: Heart Failure & Fluid Overload

Dr Felicity Sinclair-Ford November 28, 2022
In a daring (yet pedantic) exploration, Dr Felicity Sinclair-Ford wants to dig deep into the coding rules around heart failure and fluid overload.

What does clinical engagement look like in practice?

Qun Catherine Li July 19, 2022
The term of clinical engagement came to me very early in my safety and quality (S&Q) endeavour, my very first S&Q role almost 11 years ago. Two..

Our New Healthcare Heroes: The Next Generation of Clinical Documenters

Dr Felicity Sinclair-Ford February 11, 2022
It’s a frenetic time in Australian hospitals. After two years of COVID-19 suppression strategies, our borders, our country, and our lives, have..

The Clinical Documentation Process has Become Longer, More Repetitive, and Less Informative

Dr Erica Remer December 3, 2021
This insightful article from America shows that problems with clinicians using the "copy and paste" function in electronic medical records are not..

How to work with clinicians for better data

Dr Felicity Sinclair-Ford August 18, 2021
Working with doctors and developing relationships doesn’t just get buy-in from clinicians – it ensures data is accurate.Nicole Draper is CDIA’s..

Junior doctors: paperwork lackeys or key allies for CDI? Part 2

Dr Felicity Sinclair-Ford June 4, 2021
Junior doctors occupy a unique and sometimes strange position within the hospital. We are doctors. We’re called when people are sick and..

Junior doctors: paperwork lackeys or key allies for CDI?

Dr Felicity Sinclair-Ford May 20, 2021
It’s 6:30am on the general surgical ward. Three residents are preparing for the round. We’re looking up results, printing lists, and creating ward..

CDI is a journey, not an event

Dr David Tralaggan May 3, 2021
If you think your hospital has “done” clinical documentation improvement (CDI), it may be time to think again. Improving your clinical documentation..

Who makes the best Clinical Documentation Specialist?

Mike Kertes April 20, 2021
The CDS is the most important element in any clinical documentation improvement (CDI) program. CDI is a behavioural change process implementing..

The science behind clinical documentation improvement (CDI)

Dr David Tralaggan February 23, 2021
Discover why clinical documentation improvement is a behavioural change process that requires a scientific approach. If you’re thinking about..

What does a Clinical Documentation Specialist (CDS) do?

Nicole Draper February 10, 2021
Learn about the essential daily tasks of a CDS. You may have seen CDS roles advertised within your hospital or online, and you’re wondering what the..

Establishing a CDI steering committee

Nicole Draper January 7, 2021
Discover why a steering committee is a vital piece in your approach towards clinical documentation improvement. What is a steering committee? A..